In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or two step back into safety.”

Abraham Maslow

Stacy Cervone

Assistant Principal

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Glover this year on a variety of projects including creating a school based technology team and presenting to teachers regarding the use of Twitter to strengthen and grow a professional learning network.

Ms. Glover is committed to her career in education and consistently seeks opportunities for improvement. She is reflective in her practice, is innovative in her approach and seeks out support from her ever growing network of professionals.

In my experience working with her, Ms. Glover has been able to identify her own professional needs and those of her colleagues, she seeks out known best practices, and implements those to create innovative solutions.

Turner Bartels K-8 | Hillsborough County Public School

Joe Simmons

Coordinator, K-12 STEM

In Amanda’s most recent appointment she has been charged with developing and implementing a school-wide STEM program and will be instrumental in technology integration. She has lead technology committees, been the technology lead-contact, run school websites and social media, and been an outstanding teacher.

Amanda presented at multiple district-wide STEM Academies, is a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIEE), trainer, and presented at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

As an educator who trived in all types of schools with all types of students, Amanda will be an asset to your program. Her love of teaching, and integrating educational technolgy and STEM for the betterment of her students and her school will make her a great fit in your program.

Office of Teaching and Learning | Hillsborough County Public Schools

Michelle Moore

District Resource Teacher

Amanda brings to all of her endeavors energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. Whether in the classroom for her students, or building herself as a teacher leader in the community.

Perhaps the biggest demonstration of her commitment and enthusiasm is in her formation of a Technology Committee at her previous school. She recognized the need for students to enhance their learning in the classroom while learning technological skills they will need beyond fifth grade and took action. With little support from others on site, she managed to bring access to more students and form a cohort of teachers to help ensure the technology is used.

She is self-driven and yet values the ideas and products that can only come from collaboration. Amanda is always looking for ways to help strengthen the education community by sharing her learning on twitter chats, edcamps, and more.

She is a valued teacher of Hillsborough County Public Schools whom deeply cares about student learning. Her combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and a compassionate character will certainly make her a valuable member of any academic program.

Educational Leardership & Professional Development | Hillsborough County Public Schools


Sharon Zulli

IT Manager

Amanda has done an outstanding job integrating technology into her teaching environment. She initiated collaborations with the District Technology Team and has introduced coding and gaming to her learners with great success.

In the process, doing independent study, Amanda became a Microsoft Innovative Educator and Expert Trainer to begin sharing her technology skills and enthusiasm with other educators.

Amanda is constantly reviewing new technology software and hardware tools to engage her learners and increase student achievement.

Instructional Technology Department | Hillsborough County Public Schools



I have worked with Amanda both designing curriculum and training teachers. Amanda is talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated. I love working with her and hope to get a chance to do so again.

STEM | Hillsborough County Public Schools



I found Amanda’s work to be stellar with tons of refreshing insights and a can-do attitude. If you are looking to hire a digital advocate in the edtech space, you couldn’t find a more authentic person to do it.

Marketing | Legends of Learning