Instructional Design: Prepare for the Application

It's been about 11 months since the first installment of Teacher to Tech and the saga continues. As I have not been introduced to many educators who have taken this leap, I find myself compelled to share my journey with you. Perhaps it will guide, or positively influence someone else in knowing that this mission … Continue reading Instructional Design: Prepare for the Application

Instructional Design: Gamification Implementation

Post 2/2: Gamification Implementation Designing instructional practices to include gamification So on 2/19 my students and I created the "story behind the game". I asked students to think of the story behind it all and if they had an idea, write it down or draw it out and come talk to me about it. They … Continue reading Instructional Design: Gamification Implementation

Microsoft: Classroom Hacks

Classroom Hacks: Microsoft OneNote and OneNote ClassNotebook First, let me begin by urging readers to get access to the free Office 365 tools just for being an educator. You will not regret it!  Click here to register for your free account!  OneNote: Teacher Uses  One of the amazing tools that you will have access to … Continue reading Microsoft: Classroom Hacks