Buncee: SDG Goal 2: Plant and Grow Lesson

Buncee | Featured Blog Post| SDG GOAL 2: PLANT AND GROW LESSON PLAN! Buncee is a web-based tool that allows for the flexibility in creative, visually stimulating content by empowering the user for high-quality presentations without the confusion of a high-priced editor. 1.5M students use Buncee around the world, and my students were excitedly included … Continue reading Buncee: SDG Goal 2: Plant and Grow Lesson

Makerspace: What’s your purpose?

So, if you have been following my digital journey of planning and implementing a school-wide makerspace, then we have already established what a makerspace is, and how engineering design challenges can play an integral role in aligning activities with the standards being taught in the classrooms. It's now time to being envisioning the purpose of … Continue reading Makerspace: What’s your purpose?

Instructional Design: Prepare for the Application

It's been about 11 months since the first installment of Teacher to Tech and the saga continues. As I have not been introduced to many educators who have taken this leap, I find myself compelled to share my journey with you. Perhaps it will guide, or positively influence someone else in knowing that this mission … Continue reading Instructional Design: Prepare for the Application

Edtech: Associations

A personal narrative as I journey from teaching into Instructional Design There has been nothing more rewarding than working with the young people of the future and watching them grow and progress through complex curriculum over nine months for the last decade. However, I have begun to feel a calling towards something new. I have … Continue reading Edtech: Associations

Personal Narrative: The Trails

The Tale of two Techy Trails (and the power of YET) It's been a while since my last blog post because I have begun some new Techy Trails which I would love to share with you. Techy Trail 1: New school, new grade level, new role For the 2017-2018, school year I began teaching at … Continue reading Personal Narrative: The Trails

Microsoft: MIEE Trainer

It was such a relaxing weekend of laying on the couch completing learning paths toward becoming a Microsoft Innovator Trainer!  Are you familiar with the Microsoft Educator Community? If not, you better run and check out the thousands of free resources, videos, and courses available to you now! After completing the Teacher and Trainer learning … Continue reading Microsoft: MIEE Trainer