Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

Albert Einstein

Conference Presentations

Sharing our love and experiences in education at conference sessions is a rewarding experience.

From resource focused solutions, to curricula-agnostic tools and strategies, we can always expand our depth of understanding and impact on student learning!

Teaching & learning

To be able to ignite someone’s flame, support their journey, and become a member of their professional learning community is an honor, and my duty.

My journey has lead me from teaching children to guiding educators as they work toward increasing their effectiveness, efficiency, and innovate education!

collaborations & Communities

Edcamps. Podcasts. STEM Summits. Blogs. And more!

Speaking with other like-minded educators bring me joy. Getting to share my voice and message with others is an honor!

E-Portfolio Introduction: AECT Standard Evidence

EPortfolio Presentation Guide (16:18)
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