HCPS Science Dept.- Makerspaces and STEM Mindset

Makerspace and STEM Mindset Note Taking Guide


Makerspace and STEM Mindset Presentation

This training was created uniquely for my school district based on the need identified by colleagues and confirmed by a twitter poll in which 50% of 24 voters identified this as an area of interest to learn more about next school year.

5 sessions are being offered during July 2018 and all sessions filled within two day.

Results of the training development and delivery are listed below:

1. The training reflected careful planning and organization.
    4.66 Average Rating
2. The presenter was well prepared.
    4.85 Average Rating
3. Questions and concerns were handled correctly and professionally.
    4.93 Average Rating
4. Time was allowed for participants to reflect on and relate material to their experiences and needs.
    4.85 Average Rating
5. As a result of this training, I am excited to integrate Makerspaces, STEM mindset, and   the resources shared during training into my instruction.
    4.73 Average Rating
6. I would recommend this training to my colleagues.
    4.68 Average Rating
7. Overall, this session was a successful training experience for me.
    4.66 Average Rating
8. What were the most important things you learned from this training?
  • “I learned about some amazing resources and ideas. I even went home after the training and started looking for some ideas for next year since I plan on having larger classroom!!! Thank you for all the great ideas and for the materials, your passion is infectious!!! :)”
  • “Using makerspace to encourage an open stem mindset.”
  • “Makerspace area is for creating . Concentrating on the process not the product. Learning from the action of doing.”
  • “I learned what a Makerspace is. I had never heard of that before but I’m excited to use it.”
  • “Being able to ask questions and get answers from experienced Makerspace facilitators.”
  • “STEM doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple ideas/activities make can be great learning experiences.”
  • “I can do this!”

9. What content or strategies from the training can you apply in your instruction?

  • “I have always utilized this in science and I don’t teach math, but I hope to somehow incorporate some ideas into my ELA block next year!”
  • “More mini-design challenges that align with standards”
  • “All. Plan to set up classroom or school Makerspace ASAP. Sold in the philosophy and love implementing something that students will love as well.”

10. What were the strengths of the training or the trainer?

  • “OMG! I want to have the enthusiasm and energy of Amanda Glover. I’ve taught for 28 years and I felt real inspiration from her to begin this new adventure in my classroom and possibly my whole school.”
  • “Passionate and super informative!”
  • “Very personable, organized, engaging, and passionate about the subject.”

11. Please list any suggestions for the training materials, or trainer (optional).

  • “More note taking space?”
  • “I would now like a training for more specific lessons for each grade level. Standards based ideas for things needed in maker space to do a stem project”
  • “The pictures were extremely helpful. I think that having a video incorporated into the training that shows a makerspace in action would be beneficial.”

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