Instructional Design: PBL + MEA

Help students become better decision makers: PBL and MEAs Instruction Many educational pedagogies involve students making a decision. Isn't one of our goals as educators to better prepare students for a chance to obtain a 21st century STEM career? "Problem-based learning (PBL) an instructional method of hands-on, active learning centered on the investigation and resolution … Continue reading Instructional Design: PBL + MEA

Microsoft: Classroom Hacks

Classroom Hacks: Microsoft OneNote and OneNote ClassNotebook First, let me begin by urging readers to get access to the free Office 365 tools just for being an educator. You will not regret it!  Click here to register for your free account!  OneNote: Teacher Uses  One of the amazing tools that you will have access to … Continue reading Microsoft: Classroom Hacks

Microsoft: MIEE Trainer

It was such a relaxing weekend of laying on the couch completing learning paths toward becoming a Microsoft Innovator Trainer!  Are you familiar with the Microsoft Educator Community? If not, you better run and check out the thousands of free resources, videos, and courses available to you now! After completing the Teacher and Trainer learning … Continue reading Microsoft: MIEE Trainer

Conferences: #FETC2017 

Wow is the thought that I had as I entered the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL to attend the Future of Education Technology Convention 2017. With over 400 exhibits in the EXPO Hall, my senses were on overload and my mind couldn't decide where to start! I shared in my excitement as I … Continue reading Conferences: #FETC2017 

Learning: Using Twitter Professionally 

Written on: 1/10/17 How to use Twitter professionally  Happy New Year!! Today I had the opportunity to "share my story" with an awesome group of educators involved in one of our counties technology initiatives, Project Innovate. #hcps1tp1 #innov8 Our topic was how to use Twitter in the professional education world. I was honored to speak … Continue reading Learning: Using Twitter Professionally 

Personal Narrative: 5th Year Teaching

Hello again! I hope it's a restful Saturday morning for you as well. I'm currently enjoying some glorious mountain air before all in the house wake up, which left me reflecting on many things. I began thinking about where I've come from as an educator to now and am proud of myself. I don't have any … Continue reading Personal Narrative: 5th Year Teaching

Personal Narrative: Introducing Myself

Written on: 9/1/16 Well, hello world! This is my first post, on my first blog and not surprisingly it's technology related! (Anyone who knows anything about me is not surprised what-so-ever.) I am a teacher trying to change the world one student at a time in Florida and have been privileged to work with amazing … Continue reading Personal Narrative: Introducing Myself