Personal Narrative: Reflections of 2017

To my network, I express the deepest gratitude. Thank you for DMs of confirmation and Voxers full of collaboration. Thank you for the conference laughs and EdCamp experiences! To my friends and family who listened to me process, debate, toil and analyze- thank you for the hours upon hours of support you have given me. … Continue reading Personal Narrative: Reflections of 2017

Personal Narrative: The Trails

The Tale of two Techy Trails (and the power of YET) It's been a while since my last blog post because I have begun some new Techy Trails which I would love to share with you. Techy Trail 1: New school, new grade level, new role For the 2017-2018, school year I began teaching at … Continue reading Personal Narrative: The Trails

STEM: 21st Century Learning Design

21 CLD Teachers = 21 CLD students: Based on ITL Research evidence There have been many pedagogical shifts happening within the past five years in order to focus on preparing students for jobs that don't currently exist. The focus on STEM careers has been a particularly large emphasis within the educational world. So as an … Continue reading STEM: 21st Century Learning Design

Personal Narrative: The power of “JUST” 

The word "just" could be defined as: guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairnessactual, real, or genuine.exactly or precisely. However, when put with defining statements such as, "I'm just a..." or "I can just do...", you have now changed the meaning to a limitation. My perspective of myself, as "just a teacher" has changed drastically … Continue reading Personal Narrative: The power of “JUST” 

Personal Narrative: 5 risks that #changedeverything

Now, I'm not talking about leaving your comfort zones by sky diving or extreme rock climbing (unless that's your thing), but rather putting myself out there for the world to critique. I just reread my very first blog post and a little tear formed in my eye as I reflected on my ambitious goals and … Continue reading Personal Narrative: 5 risks that #changedeverything

Microsoft: MIEE Trainer

It was such a relaxing weekend of laying on the couch completing learning paths toward becoming a Microsoft Innovator Trainer!  Are you familiar with the Microsoft Educator Community? If not, you better run and check out the thousands of free resources, videos, and courses available to you now! After completing the Teacher and Trainer learning … Continue reading Microsoft: MIEE Trainer

Conferences: #FETC2017 

Wow is the thought that I had as I entered the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL to attend the Future of Education Technology Convention 2017. With over 400 exhibits in the EXPO Hall, my senses were on overload and my mind couldn't decide where to start! I shared in my excitement as I … Continue reading Conferences: #FETC2017 

Learning: Using Twitter Professionally 

Written on: 1/10/17 How to use Twitter professionally  Happy New Year!! Today I had the opportunity to "share my story" with an awesome group of educators involved in one of our counties technology initiatives, Project Innovate. #hcps1tp1 #innov8 Our topic was how to use Twitter in the professional education world. I was honored to speak … Continue reading Learning: Using Twitter Professionally 

Microsoft: Creative Coding through Games and Apps

Written on: 10/17/16 Have you heard of CCGA? The Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA) program developed by Microsoft is an amazing opportunity for students to use the Touch Develop software to work their way through 6, 9, 12, or 18 weeks of curriculum. "The Creative Coding Through Games And Apps (CCGA) curriculum provides … Continue reading Microsoft: Creative Coding through Games and Apps