ScreenBeam: “Untethered” Life

ScreenBeam | Featured Blog Post| Living my best "UNTETHERED" life with ScreenBeam It's that time of year again where teachers become interior designers, and structural and electrical engineers as we attempt to move furniture, create the makerspace I learned about this summer, remove some desks to allow flexible seating, and then... there is the basket … Continue reading ScreenBeam: “Untethered” Life

Edtech: Top 10 in EdTech

Top 10 EdTech recommendations: Why and how to integrate them this year (2018-2019) I have been attending many summer learning opportunities and I love that many include some wonderful tools, but sometimes I am left feeling concerns such as, "Why would I integrate this into my curriculum and classroom structure?" It's not for a lack … Continue reading Edtech: Top 10 in EdTech

Instructional Design: Slack

LMS Review: Slack While obtaining my Master's degree in Instructional Technology and Design, I am currently taking an enlightening course of Online Teaching and Learning with Dr. James Hatten. Our current module is focused on analyzing a Learning Management System (LMS) which could be used to facilitate an online course; I am going to focus … Continue reading Instructional Design: Slack

Edtech: Associations

A personal narrative as I journey from teaching into Instructional Design There has been nothing more rewarding than working with the young people of the future and watching them grow and progress through complex curriculum over nine months for the last decade. However, I have begun to feel a calling towards something new. I have … Continue reading Edtech: Associations

Instructional Design: Multimedia Learning

Freshen Up Your Multimedia Learning Skills! Multimedia learning is learning from words and pictures. The vast majority of multimedia learning is done online, however with the constant advancements in tools moving more rapidly than the consumers can keep up with, its important to keep the basics of pedagogy in mind. Social cues in multimedia learning … Continue reading Instructional Design: Multimedia Learning

Instructional Design: Gamification Implementation

Post 2/2: Gamification Implementation Designing instructional practices to include gamification So on 2/19 my students and I created the "story behind the game". I asked students to think of the story behind it all and if they had an idea, write it down or draw it out and come talk to me about it. They … Continue reading Instructional Design: Gamification Implementation

Remote Teaching: Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips: Being a Successful Online Teacher There are a variety of factoring with teaching, period. Online, blended,  and face to face all have some commonalities, as well as some individualized differences.  The following interactive image highlights 10 of my top tips for being a successful Online Teacher. Top Ten Tips: Being a Successful … Continue reading Remote Teaching: Top 10 Tips

Remote Learning: Top 10 Tips

As an online learner myself, one of our tasks for a USF course this week was to collaborate in a small group through a discussion forum to create a top ten tip list based on our personal experiences. Thanks to the inspiring tips of my group mates Desiree Potts and Devin Healy, I used Piktochart … Continue reading Remote Learning: Top 10 Tips

Personal Narrative: Reflections of 2017

To my network, I express the deepest gratitude. Thank you for DMs of confirmation and Voxers full of collaboration. Thank you for the conference laughs and EdCamp experiences! To my friends and family who listened to me process, debate, toil and analyze- thank you for the hours upon hours of support you have given me. … Continue reading Personal Narrative: Reflections of 2017