STEM and Makerspaces

Hunter’s Green Elementary Makerspace

For more pictures and information about our Makerspace, please read my blog series “Makerspace” and give me a follow on Instagram for Makerspace updates!

Websites and Blogs This blog is hosted by a local Tampa media specialist who has been working her maker magic for quite a few years now. She has tons of resources and tutorials from novice to advanced. Makerspaces in the Media Center Makerspaces in the Media Center one school began their maker journey Interested I’m joining the greatest show and tell on Earth (ok, locally)? Has a great list of books and blogs that are must reads! Laura Fleming is also the best-selling author of  Worlds of Learning:  Best Practices for Establishing a Makerspace for Your School (Corwin, 2015), as well as The Kickstart Guide to Making Great Makerspaces (Corwin, 2017).

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