Top 10 Tips: Being a Successful Online Teacher

There are a variety of factoring with teaching, period. Online, blended,  and face to face all have some commonalities, as well as some individualized differences.  The following interactive image highlights 10 of my top tips for being a successful Online Teacher. Top Ten Tips: Being a Successful Online Teacher // Please feel free to comment [...]

Top Ten Tips: Being a Successful Online Student Infographic

As an online learner myself, one of our tasks this week was to collaborate in a small group through a discussion forum to create a top ten tip list based on our personal experiences. Thanks to the inspiring tips of my group mates Desiree Potts and Devin Healy, I used Piktochart to create my infographic!

Help students become better decision makers: PBL and MEAs Instruction

Many educational pedagogies involve students making a decision. Isn't one of our goals as educators to better prepare students for a chance to obtain a 21st century STEM career? "Problem-based learning (PBL) an instructional method of hands-on, active learning centered on the investigation and resolution of messy, real-world problems." ( For more information: "Model-eliciting [...]

2017 Reflections (updated)

To my network, I express the deepest gratitude. Thank you for DMs of confirmation and Voxers full of collaboration. Thank you for the conference laughs and EdCamp experiences! To my friends and family who listened to me process, debate, toil and analyze- thank you for the hours upon hours of support you have given me. [...]

The Tale of two Techy Trails (and the power of YET)

It's been a while since my last blog post because I have begun some new Techy Trails which I would love to share with you. Techy Trails 1: New school, new grade level, new roleFor the 2017-2018, school year I began teaching at a local elementary school who asked me to come to innovate school [...]