Each month the amazing Robyn Hrivnatz, Josh Sawyer, and Jennifer Mitchell choose 1 of 8,800 outstanding educators to feature in the United States Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Showcase School Community Playbook set up in OneNote and shared with all MIEEs to communicate relevant information, updates, and celebrations. This is my third year as an MIEE and it has been such an amazing experience to connect with other motivated, disruptors of the status quo. I am honored and humbled to be chosen as the March Featured Educator!

Being an MIEE has allowed me so many unique opportunities such as co-hosting several #MSFTEDUchat TweetMeets, presenting and working at the Microsoft booth at the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, FL, as well as being up to date and training some of the best tools and features Microsoft has to offer. Did you know that there are 10 MIEE cohorts which communicate and celebrate each other’s successes regularly? Also, as an MIEE there are various programs with big rewards such as winning a trip to E2 in Paris, travel programs for the best conferences in the US, and so much more.

Did I mention what an amazing community the MIEEs create? Any MIEE event you join, go to, or Skype in to, you feel like you are home with a nationwide family!

Want to join me on this marvelous MIEE adventure?

  1. Become a member of the Microsoft Educator Community!

2. Take part in the plethora of free online courses to earn 1,000 points which earns you a certificate and become a Microsoft Innovative Educator.

3. Use what you learn in the courses, capture pictures, student work and more to utilize when applying to become an MIE Expert!

As a technology integration enthusiast earning the nickname of “Red-headed tech child”, I am confident that my skill set and motivation to create innovative learning experiences will add value to the right company as I am currently searching for the next chapter to grow and have a larger impact as a learning specialist. I am a classroom instructor, Instructional Designer, UX and UI Designer, and edtech evangelist who is passionate about creating and facilitating professional learning opportunities. Through out my journey, I am honored that most people who learn with me would describe me as passionate and knowledgeable. This motivation to foster continuous improvement carries into my roles as a UX/UI Designer and Instructional Designer for U.S. based educational technology companies such as Learnics and MassiveU. Inc where I collaborate with the Director of Learning, and Co-Founder to customize learning experiences and content for their unique audiences. While working with these innovative companies, I have made an impact through: • Contracting to enhance design patterns, layout, and typography with block and custom HTML of the company website resulting in a boost of visits by 132.5% • Conceptualizing job aid and conference materials in Photoshop • Mock up wireframe and style guide • Strategizing eLearning content development, develop learning objectives and activities, research, and script writing, storyboarding, and filming for the instructor’s guides and instructional videos • Orchestrating innovative, blended learning solutions to improve learner’s skill set with a focus to increase participant engagement of tools and pedagogical practices, as well as customize content to meet individual's needs across the United States. • Transforming classroom learning experiences as an Instructional and Technology Leader • Providing diverse core competencies in the area of employee training, instructional design, eLearning development, and technical skills

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