Instructional Design: MassiveU, Inc.


Instructional Designers-: K12 and Professional Learning (consultant)

August 2018 — August 2019


  • Collaborated with the VP of Learning, Andrew Claassen (LinkedIn profile), and external stakeholders to conduct needs analysis
  • Design and create effective MassiveU courses to meet a variety of needs and audiences, using our online pedagogy and best practices in course design
  • Work with internal and external subject matter experts to develop courses, including leveraging a network of contractors for video content production
  • Design and create original instructional videos or interactive simulations that align to MassiveU standards
  • Assess course quality through critical reviews developing actionable improvement plans
  • Maintain and update course content to ensure the course aligns with the most recent research
  • Research content for course and instructional videos
  • Instructional video script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Instructional video filming

About MassiveU, Inc.

“MassiveU is a digital learning Platform-As-A-Service (PLAAS) company in the white hot Education Technology space. We provide innovative project-based, social learning solutions to education publishers and other learning content providers. We’re a purpose-driven company, intent on transforming education, developing more college & career ready students and teachers, globally!”

Angelo Biasi, Founder and CEO of MassiveU, Inc.

15 years serving higher education institutions as founder of two direct marketing agencies and one secondary education media company. Mobile Marketing/Learning domain expert as NYU and UMSL Adjunct. Created the 1st course taught online & over mobile phones. MBA, University of Connecticut.

Andrew Claassen, VP of Learning

An educational professional working in the fields of education, instructional design, technology, and online learning for the past 9 years. Currently the Director of Learning for MassiveU.

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