Instructional Design: Multimedia Learning


Freshen Up Your Multimedia Learning Skills!

Multimedia learning is learning from words and pictures. The vast majority of multimedia learning is done online, however with the constant advancements in tools moving more rapidly than the consumers can keep up with, its important to keep the basics of pedagogy in mind.

Social cues in multimedia learning allow the learner to feel connected into a learning experience despite any distances.

Please view my video which takes a deeper dive into the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning and it’s Social Cues principle.

Learners also need to stay motivated throughout the learning experience. Despite technology being utilized within the classroom, or not, sometimes overuse or use of technology without a pedagogical purpose can cause boredom.

Please view my video which takes a deeper dive into the ARC Motivational Model.

These two concepts can be used in conjunction to allow for social cues to be embedded within a motivation-driven multimedia lesson!

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