Personal Narrative: 5th Year Teaching

Hello again! I hope it’s a restful Saturday morning for you as well. I’m currently enjoying some glorious mountain air before all in the house wake up, which left me reflecting on many things.

I began thinking about where I’ve come from as an educator to now and am proud of myself. I don’t have any elaborate degrees or titles; I’m proud of myself for rekindling my passion for technology in the classroom. For some reason, it dwindled for a long time low and insignificant as other priorities took hold in my classroom.

I began my first year at a Smartboard Showcase school and this is what started it- my love for technology. I’m sure it was already ingrained in me somewhere, but this was fostering and nurturing it. I learned and absorbed for a year, then moved on to a school with the same technologies, but less ideas on how to use it effectively. So, I began training my new colleagues. I loved the feeling of helping teachers who were also excited about technology because it was going to benefit so many students. Then, the lull.

So fast forward 5 years and I feel so out of the technology loop, it is disheartening. No rest for the weary. Therefore I set goals for myself and our school, with collaboration from our principal.

I am currently taking month long courses which delve into various topics such as the fore mentioned BYOD (from my previous post) to teaching students to effectively research. As many training PDs our county offers, I’m taking them. I’m also completing the online Microsoft courses through Microsoft Educator Community and the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

I’m hoping to learn a lot this year with these amazing resources and be able to implement it in my classroom and school.

Have a resource recommendation? Comment below. 😃👍

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