Personal Narrative: Introducing Myself

Written on: 9/1/16

Well, hello world! This is my first post, on my first blog and not surprisingly it’s technology related! (Anyone who knows anything about me is not surprised what-so-ever.)

I am a teacher trying to change the world one student at a time in Florida and have been privileged to work with amazing 5th graders for 9 years now!

I made a goal for myself to work along side our principal and media specialist to implement more technology use within our school for both students and staff members. Currently , our school has one computer lab with approx. 35 computers and 1 mobile laptop cart with approx. 24 laptops. This is posing a bit of a challenge when your goal is to use technology daily!

I am working vigorously to inform myself about opportunities for teachers to indulge their technological curiosities. Do you know where MANY of my inspirations and information has come from? Twitter- I was surprised! I have linked up with many district trainers, teachers, and schools who have given me so many amazing resources to try already.

Currently, I am working on an online course geared toward implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at either a classroom, school, or district level. One of the first assignments is to evaluate my school/classroom needs. I feel as though the county itself has a pretty good handle on AUP, student and parent portals, filter Wifi, and support for most devices. However, I think the four needs of our school are:

  •  support for teachers to implement the technology into academia (eLearning coach)
  • PD on technology trends
  •  communication with stakeholders (buy-in) which could be better facilitated by a tech team
  •  time to inform students properly about digital citizenship

One need I truly wish I could address and fix is an eLearning coach (school based tech support for academics) this would be like a dream job for me! I would have access to the students and be able to help teachers implement something I am so passionate about- technology! Our county, however, is going through some financial transitions and does not appear to have money for these types of positions. 😦 #dreambig #maybeoneday

Until next time…

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